City of Flemingsburg 140 W. Electric Ave.  
  License Notification P.O. Box 406  
  Flemingsburg, KY 41041  
  Phone:  (606) 845-5951  
  Fax:  (606) 845-0712  
        Business License $75  
Federal I.D.:       Nurserymen, Itinerant  $25  
DBA:         Peddlers  $25  
Street:         Pinball, Jukebox, Video Game Etc.  
City, State, Zip:         $10 Per Machine  
    Carnivals, Circuses $200 per week  
Make check Payable to "City of Flemingsburg"   total payment  
All businesses operating within the City of Flemingsburg are required to obtain Licenses as stated in the City of Flemingsburg
Ordinance.  These license fees may be credited as a minimum payment towards any net profits due and payable for that
fiscal year.    
Failure to obtain licenses while operating within the corporate limits of Flemingsburg, Kentucky, will result in a citation to
appear in District Court.  In addition, if licenses are not purchased on or before February 1st of the current tax year, or
within thirty (30) days of start of the new business or initial job, a penalty is added.  
If your business is located outside of Flemingsburg and you do not anticipate working in Flemingsburg, please complete and
return Form 545.  Businesses who are presently registered with the City of Flemingsburg who do not return Form 545 will be
charged an additional $25.00 penalty if the Business License is not purchased by February 1, 20__ regardless of when work
begins in Flemingsburg during the year.    
All questions should be directed to :  Joy Roark, City Clerk/Treasurer, (606) 845-5951.  Business hours are Monday through
Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.