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Administrative offices include the office of the City Clerk, Assistant City Clerk, and Codes Enforcement Officer. These offices are located in the City Hall building at 140 W. Electric Avenue, Flemingsburg, KY. The office of the Utility Clerk and Clerk Cashier are also located at City Hall.

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Joetta was appointed City Clerk/Treasurer in February of 2017.  She joined the City in September of 2000 as a part-time clerk/cashier. In 2001 she was promoted to full-time as a computer operator and in 2013 she was promoted to Assistant City Clerk. Joetta graduated Maysville Community College in 1998 and is a graduate of the Kentucky Municipal Clerk's Institute, she currently serves as a region rep for Buffalo Trace. 

The office of the City Clerk is responsible for the billing and collection of various City fees and taxes including business licenses fees, net profit license fees, occupational license fees, insurance premiums, regulatory license fees, and property taxes. All monies collected from fees and taxes are used to fund the operation of the general government, which includes administration, police, fire, and public works services.

Other duties include overseeing collections of utility bills, preparation of monthly financial reports, assisting the mayor with an annual budget of $4.5 million, maintaining official records of the City, providing administrative assistance to other departments within the city, overseeing the payroll process, reviewing and paying all bills incurred by the City, and maintaining the City's website and Facebook page.

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Sonja8717Sonja joined the City in March of 2017. She has a bachelor's degree in accounting from Morehead State University. She is scheduled to attend the Kentucky Municipal Clerk's Institute in July 2017.

The Computer Operator's duties include accepting payroll time sheets, checking for accuracy, entering payroll and printing checks. They are responsible for maintaining records of employee accrued vacation and sick leave. They are also responsible for accounts payable including coding, entering, and selecting invoices to pay, printing checks, and matching invoices to checks. The Computer Operator assists the City Clerk and the Utility Clerk in daily office operations.

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Philip, a Level II Building Inspector, comes to the City from Berea. He joined the City on May 12, 2017 as a Contracted Codes Enforcement Officer. His duties include issuance of building permits and certificates of  occupancy, building inspections, alterations, and repairs for compliance with municipal codes and ordinances and Kentucky Building Code. He is also responsible for enforcing local ordinances regarding planning and zoning, business licenses and occupational taxes, subdivision regulations, nuisances, etc. Residents, agents, and property owners who have codes related issues may contact Philip at City Hall all day Monday and Wednesday afternoon, call (606) 845-5951 or e-mail