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The City Park, Foxspring Ave. Park and Recreational Trail are great places for family gatherings, relaxation, and fun for all ages, whether young or just young at heart.


1. If facility is unsupervised users assume all risks inherent in the use of this facility. Use may result in serious injury up to and INCLUDING DEATH.

2. Know your abilities and skate at your own risk.

3. Minors should have parental supervision.

4. Only skateboards and roller skates allowed in skate area.

5. No motorized devices of any sort are allowed within The Flemingsburg Skate Park.

6. User shall wear protective helmet. Elbow, knee and wrist pads are strongly encouraged.

7. Do not engage in reckless behavior (including, but not limited to, tandem riding, pushing, horseplay, fighting and/or bullying), or any other activity that could endanger the safety of others.

8. No smoking, eating or drinking allowed in the designated skate area.

9. No glass containers in fenced area.

10. No alcohol or drugs permitted.

11 . No firearms, knives or other weapons permitted.

12. No items may be brought into the skate park or skating area as obstacles, ramps or any other purpose.

13. Do not proceed into an area until it is clear of other users and/or debris.

14. Do not overcrowd the facility.

15. Certain weather conditions such as rain, snow or ice can adversely affect ramps and surface conditions.

16. No spectators inside skating area.

17. Skating permitted during park hours only, 8:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m.

18. No pets allowed inside the fenced area.

19. KRS 411.190 (Kentucky State Recreational User Statute) applies.

City of Flemingsburg


In case of emergency call 911