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The City of Flemingsburg is a small rural city located in the North Eastern part of Kentucky just South of Maysville and North of Morehead. Flemingsburg is also located within 17 miles of the AA Highway and 25 miles of I-64 making it a prime location for industry. A minimal occupational tax rate and net profits tax rate of 1%, property tax rate of $.132, insurance premium tax rate of 6% and fire code rating of '5' all make the City of Flemingsburg a very affordable place to live. Nestled in the hills of Kentucky, Flemingsburg is surrounded by rolling farm land and hillsides boasting of orange, red, yellow and green. Fleming County has become home to many Amish and Minneonite families because of the rich and fertile land. Flemingsburg takes pride in our beautiful city with brick paved sidewalks and acorn shaped lamps. It is reminiscent of times gone by and a simpler way of life. We also take pride in our citizens who will welcome you with a smile.


City Hall

140 W. Electric Ave., PO Box 406

Flemingsburg, KY 41041

(606) 845-5951, (606) 845-2021

Flemingsburg is ranked #3 out of 10 Historic Towns In Kentucky That Will Transport You To The Past. Check it out!

Check out our 'Parks' page for information on our Historic Downtown Walking Trails now available









The City of Flemingsburg enters 2016 filled with optimism, excitement, and anticipation.  Much of our downtown has been transformed through the collaborative efforts of private property owners partnering with the City through its Business Incentive Grant program to refurbish buildings and give them and the town a fresh new look.  Applications for these grants are available year round and we invite business owners to participate.  We are also excited about the prospects of viable businesses returning to several properties that have been vacant for some time.  While we anticipate new retail business growth along the bypass we appreciate those businesses that have supported this community through the years and we offer our sincere thanks and congratulations to those whose presence make Flemingsburg such a great place to live and work.

As the economy of the nation and state continues to improve we are optimistic that we can attract new industry to this area as well.  A key component in attracting new businesses and industry is having a workforce that has the skills and training necessary to compete in this age of technology. The entire community has joined together in a collaborative effort to meet the criteria to become a Work Ready Community becoming fully certified early last year.   Work is ongoing to ensure that we will continue to meet the criteria and to provide that quality workforce necessary to attract industry. 

We are also very excited about beginning an ambitious project to construct sidewalks that will connect our downtown business core with the hospital, bypass, and high school.  This project will provide safe travel for pedestrians all along that corridor while connecting the two major retail business areas of the City for the first time! 

The focus of the City Council for 2016 is: Taking Flemingsburg Forward in the 21st Century.   We are seeking a vision for the future of this community and will be gathering input from a variety of community members as we endeavor to pave the way to that vision.  We believe in the future of our community and we invite you to come and experience the energy and enthusiasm of the "friendly town that hospitality built".  Stop in and see us here in the "old depot" and let us show you what makes Flemingsburg great!








The City of Flemingsburg offers a Business Incentive Plan as part of its Focus on Flemingsburg theme. We want people to know that Flemingsburg is "Open for Business". For more information about the plan please click on the links below:





The City of Flemingsburg welcomes Brian Bowling as our new Police Chief. He will assume the position full time January 1, 2017.







The City of Flemingsburg is pleased to offer the citizens of Flemingsburg and Fleming County an opportunity to join the PHI CARES National Air Ambulance Membership Program. The annual rate is $40 and includes all members of your household. Applications are available at City Hall, Fleming Co. Public Library, and Kentucky Farm Bureau. For more information call Josh Brand at 859-229-5026 or visit their website at


Code Red

The City of Flemingsburg is offering a program through Code Red which will allow citizens to receive weather alerts and other notifications regarding our city such as waterline breaks, road closings, etc. This service is free to our residents. Notices can be received over your land line, cell phone or both.

If you would like to take advantage of this service please go to the following link and enter the information requested:

Questions regarding this service may be directed to the mayor at 606-845-0907 or the city clerk/treasurer at 606-845-5951.

Residents currently using the Code Red system have expressed concern about not being able to identify calls from Code Red. These calls are initiated at City Hall, but made from a call center in Ormond Beach, Florida so they can not be identified as 'City of Flemingsburg' on your caller ID.

Emergency calls will have an ID of 866-419-5000.

General messages will have an ID of 855-969-4636.

To obtain information not provided on our website please submit an open records request form to the attention of the City Clerk.

As defined in § 34.01, and subject to the limitations set forth in § 34.12, any person desiring to inspect or copy the public records of the city shall make a request or complete a written application for such records at the office of the City Clerk-Treasurer during regular office hours, except during legal holidays.  The application shall be hand delivered, mailed, or sent via facsimile to the City Clerk-Treasurer's office. (KRS 61.872 (2)) The City will not provide information requested via email.



Check out FCA-TV!

The following shows have been added or are returning to the programming schedule:

  • Tim Farmer's Country Kitchen

  • Bluegrass & Backroads

  • KY Afield

  • Day of Discovery

  • Elizaville Christian Church

  • Flemingsburg Christian Church

  • Vintage Vehicle Show

  • Flemingsburg Methodist Church

  • Perspectives - Ron Thomas, host

  • The Penny Gilley Show

  • 3B Outdoors

    Rolling On TV

    Painting With Magic


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Flemingsburg a wonderful place to visit and a great place to call home.


  Buffalo Trace Area Development District
  Fleming County Chamber of Commerce
  Kentucky League of Cities




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